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Imagination as one of our main tools to manifest.

Have you ever been told about the limits of our imagination? No, right?

Do you know why no one has talked to you about this particular topic? This is because our imagination has no limits. Regarding this, I remember an old philosophy professor from my school saying: Do any of you know how to fit 10 people into this little garbage can?

That professor's response to our surprise had nothing to do with science fiction, or with any kind of mechanics or invention. This was much simpler.

He explained to us that our mind is capable of imagining those ten people inside the garbage can, that although our reality of our world cannot fathom such a thing, it does not mean that it is somehow impossible. He went on to explain that our imagination could not only make these 10 people fit into that basket, but that we could even imagine the whole school, the city and even the entire universe, and all of this would be real to our imagination; not in a plan or tangible material but in an imaginable one.

Now, what is the point of this post then? Are we talking about the imagination and the things that can be conceived with it? The truth is that this would be one of those cases of yes, and no.

Because on the one hand we will talk about imagination and everything we can do with it if we know how to use it as a tool, but on the other hand we will not talk about imagination from the concept that we have learned throughout our lives.

I will teach you how to use your imagination as a tool to achieve your goals and your desires.

At this point we are going to have to philosophize a bit regarding a very important question:

What is real?

You will say: "Well, everything that I can perceive with my senses is real" (something like the old and well-known phrase "if I don't see it, I don't believe it" and so on with the other senses).

Well, did you know that there are many things that are real and that we cannot perceive with our senses?

To give some examples: infrared, x-rays, gamma rays, ultrasound. And so we can list a series of real things that escape our senses. But it is also worth mentioning those things that are beyond our current understanding, such as: The quantum world and whatever there is after the expanding universe. But these things we take for granted. As well as space time, too.

So: what is real? Well, according to the teachings of Neville Goddard, the only real thing on this existential plane is you and your consciousness.

And everything else that exists in the universe is just a projection of that consciousness, or of what you perceive and believe as real.

That is why we go over this concept and why we want to explain to you the power that is there deep inside you. The power of your mind, the power of your conscience.

What things would we be able to see if we could detail the entire light spectrum with our senses? What would we hear if we were able to perceive all sound waves? What would happen if we were more aware?

Now what if I tell you that achieving a higher state of consciousness is not impossible?

I will teach you the power that your mind has and what you can achieve with your imagination, only this time we will not use this ability to do tribal things like the ones my old teacher explained, but this will be a tool for you to achieve your dreams, and that you can achieve your goals. May all your wishes be fulfilled.

Do you want a new job? Do you dream of turning a specific person into your partner for life? These are just some of the many things you can accomplish with your mind.

What you have to do is move to the end of everything. Do you want a new car? Well, live as if you already had it. Exercise in your mind the thought that you are already the owner of this car.

Would you like to travel to Europe? Well, assume that you are already in that place that you want to visit so much.

If we train our minds with these exercises, where we repeat over and over again the positive thoughts of our desires, we will soon achieve what we want. Because our body adapts to the reality that we entertain in our minds, and not only our bodies but the entire universe. It is as if the entire universe always agrees with you in everything.

What if (and this 'if' is very important) for this to work completely to your satisfaction, these thoughts and these manifestations have to be aligned with love. Because everything that you manifest that does not come from and does not proceed from love, will return to us with the same intensity of hate and fear as we have manifested.

So now that you know about this power of the mind, and you already have an idea of what you are capable of doing, why don't you put it to the test?

Let's start with something simple, and then as we go we can start doing more complex things. And relax, this will not be the last post that I will do, nor the last help that I will give you. Only that we are going to advance and develop this "Law of Assumption" step by step because we still have a lot of cloth to cut before you can become a master manifestor.

So, let's start with something simple as an exercise and to test "the law".

You are going to think about your favorite food, and I want you to think about it but not as a spectator; but as if you are living it in the first person. You are going to move exactly to that moment when you have this plate of food in front of you. You are going to visualize the plate, perceive how it smells, feel the weight of the cutlery while you lift it, and that characteristic flavor.

The important thing about the exercise is that you make that thought as real as possible, and that you involve as many senses, sensations and emotions as possible. May this thought be entertained in your mind but in the most real way possible.

This thought, repeat it over and over again, over and over again and say for example: "how tasty is this apple" or "how juicy is this apple" (this is just to give you an example).

Put this into practice, and see what you are capable of achieving with the power of your mind and the "Law of Assumption".

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