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Who are we? It is a question that humanity has asked itself for many centuries, getting different answers and hypotheses or theories.

What if we are the product of a spontaneous generation; or we come from this or that, or if men are from Mars and women from Venus, and I don't know what other things.

We in mind-paradise believe and trust that our source is a superior Intelligence, and that as such, we are part of it and we identify with it.

This is something super important when manifesting. Since we manifest what we believe in and trust is real in our lives.

If you believe yourself worthy of your desires, or capable of achieving your dreams, you will be able to achieve it. It's as simple as that.

Our source gives us the conviction that we will achieve our manifestations, because if we identify with the creator and with the love that represents him, how can there be something different destined for us? If love identifies us, how will we receive something different?

This is why in this post I want to teach you about self-concept, and what is it? You will wonder, because it is not only what you identify with, but it is also how you define yourself.

What do you think you deserve, scarcity or abundance? Are you the victim or are you the victor?

What thoughts do you entertain in your head and which ones do you identify with?

I do not have money

Money never reaches me

Why is it so hard to make money?

I am not in shape

My partner doesn't love me

My partner doesn't want me

Where do I always go wrong in relationships?

Why am I so bad at love?

Why do all my partners leave me?

I'm not doing well at work

My friends don't like to be with me

I am alone

I'm not good at anything I do

Why do people reject me?

Do any of these statements sound familiar to you? This is what we at mind-paradise call having a victim mentality. Where you minimize yourself just for someone to pity you, as if the only thing we deserve in life is pity and goodwill from others.

For this reason we believe that all of us are destined for success. Because success is the only thing we deserve in this life. Love is our source, and love is what we will receive. Fullness is our source and Fullness we will obtain.

So we look deep within to change our self-concept, from “I have money” to “I am abundant.”

It is the power of how we perceive ourselves in that reality that we project from our thoughts.

For example:

If I want a perfect relationship with the person of my dreams I entertain in my mind the reality that I am the dream partner of that person too.

How happy I feel being with him/her.

He/She can't live without me.

He/She loves the way I am.

He/She tells me that I am addictive to Him/Her.

We can even entertain the thought and affirmations that we already live that dream relationship.

Today when we woke up he / she told me that he felt lucky to be by my side.

Today while we were watching a movie she told me that she loves me.

He/She always sees me with eyes of love and happiness.

Another powerful method and to which we will dedicate a post in the future are the affirmations of “I am” because this determines what we are defining ourselves with. For example:

I am love.

I am abundant.

I am the best at what I do.

I am everything he/she wants/seeks.

I am a money magnet, money always comes to me.

I am successful.

I am full.

I am everything he/she ever wanted. I have already achieved it.

And this can also be used to achieve your goal at work, or in your workplace. Suppose I want to be a great artist. Then I must entertain that version of myself that is a great artist, feel like one and visualize myself as such.

It is to make present that concept that we want from ourselves, and I say make present because sometimes we place time limitations between us. For example: I will convert, I will be, someday I will have. And this is not going to help us a lot in our demonstrations.

So that we can truly walk on the path of our manifestations, our affirmations must always be made in the present indefinite or continuous (there are also other ways to build affirmations but we will touch on that in another post).

I am a great artist.

My works are valued in the thousands of dollars.

I am the most prestigious artist of our day.

Critics say I'm a phenomenal artist, they love my work.

What we perceive as reality in ourselves is a fundamental key to being able to manifest our desires. We will not get our dream partner or that specific person if we keep repeating to ourselves that we are not enough for him/her)

We need to stop those negative thoughts that bring us nothing, that destroy us and enslave us to a life full of misery and frustration.

On the contrary, let's embrace the reality that we believe and desire for ourselves.

I am love.

I am loved.

They all want to be with me.

Why am I so successful?

Why am I doing so well at what I do?

I am the best at what I do.

I always have money.

I always get everything I want.

I am so attractive.

I am so beautiful, everyone loves me.

I have everything I ever wanted.

I am his/her reason for living.

I am the best version of myself.

I am a manifesting teacher.

I'm happy.

I have all the love I need.

I never need anything.

These are some of the affirmations that you can repeat, to reach your manifestation.

Additionally, I will give you a tip, super important and that not everyone mentions when talking about affirmations and self-concept: Always use your language, those phrases that you are used to using. I mean, talk like you always do. If you see lists of affirmations like this or any other and you see or feel that it is very forced or complicated to say this in one way, then do it in a way which feels natural to you.

This is very important because that way your subconscious will accept the information much more easily.

If it feels better for you to say: “I am a god/goddess” or “I am a king/queen” instead of saying “I am attractive” do it that way.

Feel free to use your own expressions for your affirmations.

And always remember to identify yourself with love, and that your source, your desires, always align with everything good.

Let nothing stop you on your way as a manifestor.

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