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Sammy’s Mermaid Gang


Coaching Contract




Between me, Andrea Garcia, and you.


In this contract you will not find complicated legal terms or unreadable text. I have no desire to trick you into signing something that will harm you. I do want what is best for both parties, now and in the future.

In short

You are hiring me, Andrea Garcia, based in Lima, Perú, for coaching services. This coaching is to help you with your personal manifestation goals based on the package you bought.


What Do Both Parties Agree to Do?

As my client, you have the power and ability to sign this contract as a competent individual. You agree to give me everything that I need to complete coaching services – including payment and questions. You agree to follow the instructions I give you. Please give updates so I can support you the best I can.


As the Client, you agree that talk of your circumstances are off limits until coaching starts.


The Client agrees to pay for the full amount of the coaching package upfront to start any coaching services.

The Coach is not responsible for the exchange rates between currencies. The Client is responsible for making sure the full amount is paid after the exchange.

Payment will be made via PayPal or any other payment method given by the Coach. The Client agrees to the strict no refund policy for all coaching services. The Client agrees to have accepted the Goods unconditionally.

Any dispute of payment delivered for services will result in a lifetime ban from all Sammy’s Mermaid Gang groups, channels, and members.

Delivery of Coaching Services



The Client agrees to only speak to the Coach through either email, phone, or video. There is no direct messaging to your coach once services have started.

Relationship Expectations

By signing this contract, the Client agrees that a coach is only a guide to help you manifest. The Coach does not manifest FOR you. YOU are the operant power in all cases. My job is to help you correct your mindset so you can have what you want into your life.  Only you are responsible for what manifests into your life and your coach is part of your bridge of events. The Coach is not responsible for any manifestations because of your own mindset, affirmations, or not following instructions.

Mental Health Notice

This coaching service does not replace mental health services. The Coach does not provide any mental health services to you. The Client should receive any medical attention that you may need for your safety and well-being. Coaching services are meant to help you with building a powerful mindset. It is not therapy and is not any form of medical advice. If you are having a mental health or medical emergency, please contact 911.


Interactive Packages


You are responsible for recording, either via audio, video, or written form, the calls that take place. Please decide and notify your coach if you plan to record your phone or video calls.

Video/Phone calls are only for the time purchased. The Coach has the right to reschedule your appointment if the payment has not been received by the time of your appointment.  If you have not met the requirements to complete the call successfully it will be rescheduled.


The Client may reschedule a video/phone call no more than three (3) times before your service may be cancelled at the discretion of the Coach.

Email Packages

Email packages include a series of emails from you, the Client, and an equal amount of replies from me. You will be notified when your emails have expired.


After the coaching services have been completed, the Client may purchase additional packages, emails, or calls.


The Client agrees that all documents, emails, and instructions given to them during their coaching services belong to the Coach. The Client agrees not to share to anyone else privately or online. Only another coach may ask for this information.



There are no transfers between coaches, only from Sammy to another coach. The Client can work with more than one coach if they pay the new coach separately for services.



The Client can choose to pay and hold a spot on a coach’s waitlist. In this case, the Client agrees that the service they received is holding their placement on the waitlist.


Authority to Sign

Each party has the authority to enter this contract and take responsibility for all parts.

I cannot guarantee any results for your manifestations and so I cannot be responsible to you or any third party for damages. This includes profits, savings or any damages that result from following the instructions given during your coaching services.


If any part of this agreement is unlawful or void, the rest of the agreement remains intact.


If one of the parties chooses to end the Contract before the coaching end, the Client is responsible for paying for all work completed.

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